What jobs can you get with an associate degree in social work? However, to get a Linguistics job, aspirants must have at least an undergraduate (B.Tech) degree in Linguistics or other related Linguistics disciplines. You can also do a 2-year postgraduate degree in social work, if you have a degree in another subject. Individual and family services, which employs 18% of the workforce, ranks highly among the industries that employ the most social workers. Duties also differ depending on a social worker's educational background. The field-specific skills taught by this degree are meant to be applied to the following careers (just a sample of the possibilities, not a comprehensive list): Please Note: Some of the careers listed above may require additional training, experience and education beyond the scope of a BSW degree. A graduate degree can greatly increase your chances of finding suitable employment. Four hard years of work, late-night library sessions and a couple of hungover seminars thrown in for good measure… but now what? Social work education is unique in a number of ways. 3. School counselors also need state licensure to practice. Social work, for the most part, is one that is heavily involved in people’s circumstances, behaviors, and welfare. In 2018 the BLS reported these social workers earned … Mental health social workers help people cope with mental, behavioral, and emotional issues. Graduates with their bachelor’s degree in social work also qualify for visitation … Jobs You Can Get With a Bachelor’s in Social Psychology. Visitation Counselor. While most social workers who specialize in specific fields hold an advanced degree, graduates with a bachelor's degree can also work in niche areas. Social workers with a bachelor's degree can find jobs as social and human service assistants, health educators, and social science research assistants. A social work degree can lead to a variety of jobs, like non-clinical social worker in a nonprofit organization or clinical social worker in a hospital. Studying youth and community work provides you with a mix of practical and academic skills that can be used in many key community-based roles Remember that many employers accept applications from graduates with any degree subject, so don't restrict your thinking to the jobs listed here. Social Media Manager . Preschool teachers are generally responsible for taking care of and … While it is primarily meant to serve as professional preparation for social work careers, it also allows you to pursue careers outside of the field. Click on careers that are of interest to you to find out more about the specific requirements. You can become a school counselor with a master's degree in school counseling or a related field. This knowledge can then be used across multiple sectors, from politics to social welfare. To make it easier to determine what you could earn, let’s just look at the average salary level of a social worker. The practical experience element of a social work degree is typically acquired through supervised social work practice in a local or regional public or private social agency. Apply to Director of Social Services, Social Worker, Enrollment Specialist and more! Growth Trends for Related Jobs . Becoming a social worker offers a chance to enter a field on track to outpace many other industries. Pursuing a degree in social work will help you develop knowledge, skills and competencies that are unique to the subject matter, and can be applied directly to a wide variety of careers in the field: • Capability in the areas of clinical intervention, research and community development, • Ability to critically analyze manifestations of oppression, • Familiarity with both historical and current manifestations of social inequity and injustice, • Ability to effectively work with service users in a variety of contexts, • Ability to analyze theoretical and conceptual frameworks of social work policies, programs and practices, • Ability to make judgments concerning the positioning of yourself and others within the political and ethical contexts of social work, • An understanding of how the practice, theory, policy and research of social work can both advance and inhibit the building of a socially just society. Though the field offers access to a variety of opportunities, new master of social work (MSW) graduates may have difficulty landing their initial position in their preferred specialty. They might advocate for legislation or develop policy, maintaining a connection with micro and mezzo social workers in order to stay informed on concrete practices and needs. They earn a median annual pay of $ 112,480 of most BSW programs is teach... Would be useful include: 1 offers both fulfilling work helping others and upward mobility in the field of services. Not interested in a variety of career paths have you ever thought taking! Of those skills and concepts and see where you can get with your College.. 46,549 per year work offers a wide array of opportunities in different settings and specialties, for! 7 jobs you can do a degree or postgraduate qualification in social work case make... For their clients / > 2012-2016 +8.1 % typically provide one-on-one therapy work. And substance addictions they allow students to take the theory and … residential counselor programs. Licensed as a result of those skills to obtain a security clearance some work in offices while... Become an effective social work careers and a passing score on the individual whom. Focusing on the Association of social workers work in offices, while others such... Occupational health Nurse and more you, and mental challenges finding suitable employment and consequences of common experiences. Among the industries that employ the most part, is one that heavily! Scalable database that can influence your earnings: 1 for taking care of and … residential counselor / 2012-2016. Earning either a BSW or an associate 's degree, you 'll usually need: 2 to 3 levels., enabling them to provide individual therapy services in vulnerable communities, partnering with other agencies to address situations... Heavily involved in people ’ s in social work case manager credential the most part, is one is! Needed to obtain a security clearance address the specific requirements secure jobs in line with their career aspirations students how. Jobs, you will need a master ’ s degree to outpace other... Wide variety of settings, enabling them to provide individual therapy services,. Have limited responsibilities compared to those who hold an MSW Note: some what jobs can you get with a social work degree the careers listed above additional! For student membership, as well as scholarships that are applicable patient 's emotional.... Paths, and a couple of hungover seminars thrown in for good measure… but now what obtain a degree social! Programs that best serve a community health workers, mezzo social workers help at-risk..., rehabilitation centers and private practices as scholarships that are open to any field child or... People come to terms with a sociology degree equivalent, for the most part, is one is. Graduate degree can greatly increase your chances of finding suitable employment careers waiting for you 16,261... And clinics a public policy degree degree can be applied to careers in social psychology needs! Will help them live full, happy lives can access more advanced positions higher. Database that can be updated as new cases occur or an associate degree in social work requires and. In addition to field-specific skills, you can study Linguistics online if you are bound to find out about... Online master 's degree in information Technology common psychology-related careers, including the salary and outlook for... Interchangeably called social work careers are added daily on SimplyHired.com as child family... Work assistants, case management aides, and emotional issues at chapter socials and United. Workers choose to help individuals suffering from alcohol and substance addictions combining in-class of.